What Are The Benefits Of Laser Lipo?

Do you have some extra fat that you would like to get rid of, but don’t think traditional liposuction is the right option for you. Thanks to innovative laser lipo it’s possible to achieve the body you desire without surgery. But what are the benefits of laser lipo.

What is laser lipo?

Laser lipo or laser assisted liposuction is a procedure in which laser energy is used to melt away pockets of unwanted fat, and sculpt the body. The fat is then removed using a small, thin suction tube known as a cannula. SlimLipo is one of the most effective brands of laser lipo available.

How SlimLipo works

SlimLipo is a dual-wavelength solution that utilizes both 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths. The 924 nm wavelength precisely targets the subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin, while the 975 nm wavelength tightens the skin.

SlimLipo is commonly performed on the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and knees.

Benefits of SlimLipo

SlimLipo is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser energy to liquefy the fat cells, so there is less trauma to the nearby tissues. This minimizes the amount of bruising and swelling that occurs during the procedure, and reduces recovery time.

SlimLipo is performed using tumescent anesthesia, which is a technique that uses local anesthesia to numb the treatment area, so there are none of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

Unlike traditional liposuction that only gets rid of extra fat, SlimLipo removes unwanted fat and tightens the skin.

Are you ready to schedule your SlimLipo consultation? Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

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