Transform your Shape with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Irvine

More women are opting to have butt augmentation done, because they desire to have a fuller, firmer derriere. The Brazilian butt lift is one such technique that plastic surgeons in Irvine use to sculpt and shape the butt.  This type of augmentation is often preferred, because it involves fat grafting, as opposed to the use of artificial implants.

For women who are unhappy with the shape or size of their rear, a Brazilian butt lift can make a world of difference. The procedure can transform a flat shapeless butt, into a contoured and well-proportioned image. A butt lift is also designed to improve the projection, so that it is in harmony with the thigh region.

The Brazilian butt lift increases the size of the bottom with the use of fat harvested from throughout the body. The donor areas typically include the abdomen and inner thighs, where there tends to be a lot of unwanted fat deposits. The lower back and flanks are other common donor sites.

Are you a good candidate?

The Brazilian butt lift is usually recommended for healthy women that have a stable weight. In addition, they should have adequate stocks of fat that can be used in the fat grafting process. Their skin should also be relatively tight and in good condition. Most of all, patients should have realistic goals and expectations about the procedure.

The Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction and fat transfer. The fat is first suctioned out from pre-determined areas via a small tube or cannula. After the fat has been harvested, it is processed and purified. The next step is to inject the fat into the buttocks. This involves making tiny incisions through which the fat is re-introduced.

After surgery, patients will experience some bruising and swelling. Patients may be required to remain overnight for observation, but most go home the same day. Post-op care involves the use of a compression garment, which may be worn for up to 6 weeks. During this time patients are advised to avoid sitting for long periods, or engaging in strenuous activities.


The results can vary, and often depends on the amount of fatty tissue that was grafted, as well as how much survived. However, patients who have had a Brazilian butt lift usually experience significant improvement in the shape and size of their butt. As is the case with all surgical procedures, there are some risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift, so be sure to ask your plastic surgeon in Irvine about these.

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