Reshape your nose with Rhinoplasty – Boston

A rhinoplasty or nose job is done to reshape the nose, in order to improve overall  facial harmony. Rhinoplasty encompasses a wide range of procedures, and may be done for cosmetic or functional reasons. For those in the Boston area, Dr. Sean Doherty is a skilled and artistic plastic surgeon who performs an array of rhinoplasty techniques (click here) that can improve your looks.

Rhinoplasty Procedure
Rhinoplasty can be done using either a closed or open surgical technique. In a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make incisions inside the nostrils, so there will be no visible scars after the procedure. This option is more suited for cases that do not require extensive work. In an open rhinoplasty, an additional incision called a trans-columellar incision is made in the skin that divides the two nostrils. That incision makes it possible for the skin to be lifted off the tip of the nose.

After the incisions have been made, the surgeon will then carry out the related procedures. Rhinoplasty changes the size and position of the bone and cartilage beneath the skin. The surgeon will therefore reshape the bone and cartilage. When this is completed, the skin will be pulled tight over the nose, and the incisions sutured.

After the procedure is over patients will experience dull aching, as well as some swelling. Pain medication is generally recommended for 2 days immediately following surgery, and may be repeated as required. The swelling will ease within 3 to 5 days. The recovery period often varies, depending on the extent of the remoldingthat was done.

Are you a good candidate?
Individuals that are unhappy with the shape or the size of their nose, as well as those with breathing problems are often the best candidates for rhinoplasty. If your nasal bridge is crooked, then it can also be corrected with a nose job.

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