Orange County Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is the medical name given to enlarged breasts in males. Men from all across the US including Orange County are affected by gynecomastia.  Many of them find the condition very embarrassing, but now rather than hiding it, they are choosing to undergo breast reduction, so they can lead normal lives.

Like women, the glandular tissue in the male breast often becomes enlarged during puberty. The hormonal changes that cause growth spurts, can also lead to the overdevelopment of the breast tissue. The condition may also be indicative of an excess amount of female hormones.


While both male and female hormones are present in men, gynecomastia is often a signal that the levels of female hormones are much higher than normal. This imbalance often has its beginning during puberty, when the hormones fluctuate, leading to a spike in the levels of the female hormone known as estrogen. This accounts for the high incidences of gynecomastia in adolescent boys. Usually, the hormones will return to normal, but when they do not, the problem remains long into adulthood.

Gynecomastia may often be due to excess weight gain, which can cause fatty tissue to develop in the breasts. It has also been known to occur, because of an adverse reaction to prescription medication used to treat chronic illnesses like high blood pressure.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

Doctors in Orange County usually treat gynecomastia by removing the excess tissue surgically. Breast reduction surgery may take the form of liposuction or excision. Both of these methods are relatively simple but effective ways to reduce enlarged breasts. The choice will depend on whether the condition is caused by excess fatty tissue, or glandular tissue.

Liposuction of the chest involves the removal of fatty tissue via a cannula, which is a small tube. Excision is the recommended technique for gynecomastia when excess skin is present, or the male breast gland has to be removed. If the cause of breast enlargement is a mix of both fat and glandular tissue, then treatment will require a combination of the two procedures.

Gynecomastia is quite a common condition, but it is very easy to treat. By removing the excess tissue the surgeons in Orange County are able to reduce the size of the breast, and improve the contours of the chest. Candidates for gynecomastia should not be overweight, but should be close to their ideal weight.

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