Mentor MemoryShape Implants

Mentor MemoryShape breast implants are the newest silicone gel filled implants to be approved by the FDA. Mentor is the biggest breast implant manufacturer in the US, and now joins the ranks of breast implant manufacturers Allergan and Sientra, who previously had their shaped implants approved by the FDA.  This is good news for women contemplating breast augmentation, as they have another high quality option to choose from.

What’s interesting about this development is the fact that for the last decade, MemoryShape implants were already in use in many countries outside of the United States.

These teardrop shaped silicone implants by Mentor are available for use in women at least 22 years. The Mentor MemoryShape implants are made using the most advanced technology, and provide a very natural look and feel. They are filled with cohesive gel, and this accounts for their natural feel. In addition, they are made with a SILTEX textured surface, which is extremely beneficial because it helps to keep the implants in place.

With the Mentor MemoryShape breast implants now an option, the future of breast enhancement surgery looks brighter, but be sure to consult a plastic surgeon about which breast implant is right for you.

Article by Kyle Song MD – an Irvine Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Orange County Shaped Breast Implants.

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