How Fast Does Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

Are you thinking about laser hair removal but wondering how soon your hair will regrow? Although laser hair removal is marketed as being permanent, it is common for hair to grow after treatment. But how fast does hair grow back after laser hair removal.

How lasers get rid of unwanted hair
The laser emits a certain wavelength of light that targets the melanin (dark pigment) that sits in the hair follicle. The laser lightgets absorbed by the melanin and creates heat that damages the structure of the hair follicle,as a result,the follicleis no longer able to produce hair.

How fast does hair grow back after laser hair removal?
How soon hair grows after laser hair removal varies, as it depends on several factors including hair color, skin tone, and how many hairs were treated during the session.

Hair grows out after laser hair removal because hair grows in cycles, and lasers are only effective against hair when it is in the active cycle of growth. That’s the reason why it takes several hair removal sessions to achieve long term results.

Long term hair reduction is only possible after about 5-6 treatments, because when hair is in the other two cycles – transition and resting – it’s not able to absorb enough laser light, and won’t be impacted by the laser. Patients may notice significant hair removal after some sessions, while there may be very little reduction after others.

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