How Blue Light Therapy in San Antonio Can Clear Your Skin

Acne is said to be the most common skin condition in the world. It cuts across all ethnicities, countries, and ages, but continues to be a problem for teenagers, although there are also now more cases of adult acne being experienced. For many acne sufferers, conventional treatments have failed, and so they have sought help with newer cures like Blue Light therapy. This and other light-based acne solutions are popular in San Antonio, as well as other cities in the US.

Acne is a bacterial infection that occurs when the natural balance of the body’s chemistry is disturbed. The two main contributory factors are excess oil being produced by the sebaceous glands, and improper exfoliation by the skin.

The combination of excess oil and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, leads to the pores of the skin becoming clogged. As a result, the setting contributes to the growth of bacteria, which quickly leads to the formation of pimples and other acne lesions.

Light therapy is a highly effective treatment for acne, and in particular Blue light therapy, which is offered at many San Antonio medical centers. Blue-light therapy is used to clear mild to moderate cases of acne. The therapy is also found to stimulate the production of elastin in the skin, which helps get rid of dark under eye circles. In addition, the procedure is also able to shrink the oil glands, which is very beneficial in acne treatment, as it leads to a reduction in oil production.

Blue-light therapy combines the use of blue light with a topical solution that is placed on the affected areas prior to treatment. This solution is absorbed by the follicle, and when the high intensity blue light is applied, it activates the solution, which then kills the bacteria.

The procedure is painless, but patients may experience a warm sensation as the light travels over the skin. Side effects include temporary redness, as well as peeling in the treated area. These symptoms are expected to clear in 2 to 3 days.

Patients are required to undergo 6 to 8 treatments in order to achieve optimal results. The sessions are usually spread over 4 weeks, and 2 sessions are held each week. Each session lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Many of the patients that have done Blue-light therapy acne treatment in San Antonio, have experienced positive results. Many report a marked improvement in the condition of their skin, and the skin slowly clears as time passes.

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