Are UltraShape Power treatments painful?

If you eat healthy and exercise regularly, but you still can’t lose your belly fat,  UltraShape Power may be the solution you need. UltraShape Power is an innovative fat reduction procedure that promises to reduce the abdominal fat layer by 32% in just 3 quick sessions. But how does it work, and are UltraShapePower treatments painful.

UltraShape Power
UltraShape Power is a body contouring system that uses focused ultrasound  energy to eliminate fat cells, and sculpt the abdomen. It is a minimally invasive procedure, so no incisions are required, and there is no downtime. Some results are visible after 2 weeks, but optimal results can be seen after the recommended series of 3 treatments are completed. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, and sessions are usually spaced 2 weeks apart.

How it works
The focused ultrasound energy is delivered to the targeted areas and disrupts the wall of the fat cells. The gentle pulses of acoustic wavesselectively target the fat cells, without damaging the surrounding nerves and tissue.

Are UltraShape Power treatments painful
UltraShape Power is a virtually painless body contouring procedure. Most patients tolerate the treatment very well, and don’t experience any discomfort when it’s over, as a result, they can resume normal activities right away.

If you have irregular fat bulges in the mid-section that areresistant to your diet and exercise efforts, UltraShape Power may be the right treatment for you. It is a completely non-invasiveprocedure that can treat your belly fat efficiently and effectively.

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