Are There Any Side Effects With a Chemical Peel?

Would you like to try a chemical peel, but you’re worried about possible side-effects?  That’s understandable because although peels are minimally invasive treatments, they are not without side-effects.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin.  Chemical peels promote cell regeneration, so new healthy skin cells replace the cells that peel off.

The natural renewal cycle of the skin slows with age, causing the skin to look dull and lackluster, but chemical peels accelerate cell turnover bringing about healthier, younger-looking skin.

Chemical peels can address skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, uneven skin texture, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Are There Any Side-Effects With A Chemical Peel?

 Patients typically experience some redness, irritation, and peeling after a chemical peel as the skin exfoliates.  The degree of the peeling varies based on the strength of the peel and depth of penetration.

Other side-effects of a chemical peel include:

  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Changes in skin color
  • Crusting
  • Infection

The skin is also more sensitive to the sun after a chemical peel, so patients should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen when going outdoors, as this will help to protect the new skin layers.

There are different types of chemical peels, light, medium, and deep, and they vary by strength.  The side-effects associated with a superficial peel are mild and usually resolve within a few days.  Medium peels have more intense side-effects since they penetrate deeper.  Deep peels cause extreme redness and swelling, so they are only done to correct severe skin issues.

Most people who have a chemical peel don’t experience any serious side-effects after treatment.  However, if you’re considering a chemical peel, it’s essential to take the time to understand the benefits as well as the possible risks.

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