Will Laser Treatments Help My Acne Scars?

If your acne has cleared but acne scars are a problem, there are several treatment options available. However, many of the traditional therapies don’t meet patient expectations, but alternatives like laser therapy are now proving to be very effective. But will laser treatments really help my acne scars.

Will laser treatments help my acne scars?

Yes, laser treatments can certainly help the scars that acne leaves behind. Laser treatments reduce acne scars by resurfacing the skin, stimulating new collagen, and prompting cell regeneration. Collagen rebuilds the connective tissue and fills in the indentations on the surface of the skin, making it smoother.

Types of lasers for acne scars

There are several laser technologies that work to reduce the appearance of acne scars including the SmoothBeam and Vbeam lasers.

SmoothBeam is a non-ablative laser with a 1450nm wavelength. Unlike more invasive ablative lasers that break the skin, non-ablative lasers work beneath the surface, so there is no peeling of the outer layers after treatment.

Vbeam is a vascular laser that is ideally suited for red acne scars.

How SmoothBeam reduces acne scars

SmoothBeam delivers laser energy to the deep dermal layer of the skin, and triggers the body’s natural collagen production. The new collagen fills in the acne scars, and smooths the surface of the skin (learn more).

How Vbeam reduces acne scars

The Vbeam is a pulsed dye laser that emits light energy that targets the broken capillaries present in red acne scars. When heated, the broken capillaries shrink, and eventually disappear over time.

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