Which breast implants are best for real looking results?

///Which breast implants are best for real looking results?

Which breast implants are best for real looking results?

If you’re like most women contemplating breast augmentation, you want your results to look real and natural. Choosing the breast implant that’s right for you is an important part of that, but how do you know which breast implants are best for real looking results.

Types of breast implants
The two main types of breast implants are silicone implants, which are filled with silicone gel, and saline implants, which have sterile salt water. Silicone implants are pre-filled, while saline implants are filled at the time of surgery.

Which breast implants are best for real looking results?
Breasts that look real after surgery have a gentle droop, and there is more volume in the lower half of the breasts. Achieving this look is not dependent on implants alone, but they are an important factor.

Many women that have undergone breast augmentation say that silicone gel implants look and feel more natural. However, the natural appearance of the breasts can also be impacted by the placement of the implants, and the amount of breast tissue a woman has.

Breast implants can be placed either below the pectoralis major muscle (sub-muscular), or below the breast gland but on top of the muscle (sub-glandular).

Surgeons don’t agree on which placement gives the results that look most natural.
However, some suggest that placing the implants subglandular creates results that look natural, ifa woman has enough breast tissue to cover the implant. This placement option yields real looking results, becausethe implants lie behind the breast tissue.

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