What to Look for When Choosing Laser Hair Removal Equipment

There are varying hair removal equipment options on the market, but they don’t all work for the range of skin types out there. When it comes to hair removal devices the most attractive buys are those that can be used on all types of skin. In this regard, the Soprano XLi by Alma Lasers fits the bill. Unlike older generation lasers that were slow and painful, the Soprano XLi works fast, and is virtually pain-free.

The Soprano XLi is rated among the best because:

  • It can be used on all skin types. Some hair removal lasers work better on darker skin tones, while others are more effective on lighter skin tones. With the Soprano XLi you get the best of both worlds, as the system is proven to remove hair on all types of skin, and it can even be safely used on tanned skin.
  • It is virtually pain free. With Soprano XLi you don’t have to worry about the pain factor because it is almost pain free. The system is advanced in terms of patient comfort because of its innovative In-Motion technology. This is an in-built cooling system that regulates the therapeutic temperature, to prevent heating from occurring too quickly.
  • It works fast and is easy to operate. The technology of the Soprano XLi is very reliable and this ensures that the laser works fast, which is a bonus for both patients and physicians. Patients can expect a short treatment time of a few minutes for small areas, while physicians can treat more patients in a short time frame, making the machine a very smart investment.

If you are looking for hair removal equipment that is painless and provides long lasting results, then the Soprano XLi is the device to use. You can expect to have a good experience and enjoy permanent results.

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