What colors are the hardest to remove within a tattoo?

When it comes to tattoo removal, colors do make a difference, because although lasers are very efficient, certain ink colors are more difficult to remove than others. You should know what colors are the hardest to remove within a tattoo, before deciding to get one.

How laser tattoo removal works
The pulses of laser energy break up the ink pigments, and the tiny particles are then eliminated by the body. It typically takes multiple treatment sessions spaced several months apart to successfully fade a tattoo. It takes up to 10 sessions in most cases.

What colors are hardest to remove?
Laser tattoo removal is a reliable and cost effective way to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Tattoos with multiple colors are often the hardest to fade. Pale blue, orange,white, and yellow are some of the colors that pose a serious challenge.

Factors that can influence tattoo removal include:

  • Type of Laser: It often takes different lasers to get rid of different colors of tattoo ink, so you must be careful that the right laser is being used for your specific tattoo colors.

At Langdon Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Guilford, CT, we use the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal. The PicoSure is an innovative laser that is transforming the way laser tattoo removal is done. The laser uses shorter, quicker pulses resulting in faster clearance in fewer sessions.

  • Age of the tattoo: tattoo ink breaks down and fades naturally over time. Therefore older tattoos are easier to remove than newer ones.

If you are interested in laser tattoo removal and you live in the New Haven area, call Langdon Center today at 844-551-9880, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Langdon CT.

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