Ulthera – The Ultimate Neck Lift Option in San Francisco

///Ulthera – The Ultimate Neck Lift Option in San Francisco

Ulthera – The Ultimate Neck Lift Option in San Francisco

If you think that your sagging neck is making you look too old, then a neck lift is the ideal procedure to tighten the neck and enhance its appearance. Plastic surgeons in San Francisco perform thousands of neck lift surgeries each year, as more people are choosing to renew and rejuvenate their neck. However, if you are fearful about undergoing invasive neck lift surgery, there are now a vast number of laser options out there including the innovative Ulthera treatment.

Neck lift treatment with Ulthera will leave your neck looking smooth and wrinkle-free, without spending as much as you would have for invasive surgery. Age and weight loss are the most common factors that contribute to sagging in the neck region. New technology like Ulthera has made it possible to reduce wrinkling and sagging, and you will see noticeable improvement after just one treatment.

Why choose Ulthera neck lift therapy

Age and the effect of gravity will inevitably cause the skin around the neck to descend and sag. A traditional neck lift pulls the muscles and underlying tissues tight, and replaces volume. The Ulthera neck lift can give you those same results at a lower cost, and with much less downtime.

Ulthera is an FDA cleared procedure that utilizes ultrasound technology to lift and tone the skin. The ultrasound waves are able to target the deep skin layers and as they penetrate, they stimulate the body to create new collagen. Collagen is a protein in the skin that makes it tighter and more elastic. Since Ulthera encourages its production, skin will become tighter and firmer over time.

The Ulthera neck lift treatment has no downtime, and this is one reason why residents of San Francisco are now turning to this procedure for help with a sagging neck. It generally takes several sessions with Ulthera to achieve optimal results, but the number of sessions you need, will depend on how saggy the skin is.

A Neck lift with Ulthera will smooth your neck and jawline and do wonders for your overall appearance. You will notice a marked improvement in the look and feel of your neck, which will appear younger and fresher.

Is Ulthera right for you?

If your skin is not as firm as it used to be, and your skin is flaccid in the neck region, then Ulthera neck lift therapy may be right for you.  However be sure to set up a consultation with your plastic surgeon in San Francisco to find out more.

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