Thighplasty for the Removal of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

///Thighplasty for the Removal of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Thighplasty for the Removal of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Significant weight loss often leaves the skin dimpled and sagging, and the extra skin between the legs can cause extreme discomfort, However a thigh plasty for the removal of the excess skin can provide relief. A thighplasty, often referred to as a thigh lift, can contour the thighs and improve their overall appearance.

Who needs a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is recommended for individuals that have excess thigh skin due to weight loss, or as a result of aging. Patients should be in good health, and be at their ideal weight.

Thigh Lift Procedures

A thighplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia, and lasts for about 2 hours. The incision sites for the operation may vary, depending on whether surgery targets the inner or outer thighs.

The incision for the inner or medial thigh lift is usually made in the groin area, while the incision for the outer or lateral thigh lift is generally made at the top of the leg. A lateral thigh lift is a more extensive procedure, and requires a longer recovery time. Surgery may also be done on the entire thigh area.

For patients with a lot of fatty tissue, the plastic surgeon may also recommend liposuction with thighplasty for the removal of excess skin. After surgery, patients will experience some amount of discomfort, but this can be reduced with medication. Recovery takes about 10 days, during which times patients are advised to get ample rest, and undertake minimal activity.

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