Superior Laser Hair Removal Machine Treatment

Getting rid of unwanted hair has been easier and more convenient, ever since the emergence of laser hair removal machines. These machines have totally revolutionized the hair removal industry, as hair can now be removed faster and more efficiently. The Soprano ICE by Alma Lasers is one of the best hair removal lasers on the market. It is a laser hair removal machine that offers long lasting results, with minimal discomfort.

Soprano ICE is the latest in a line of effective hair removal lasers developed on the Soprano platform. It is a very popular solution, because it is a virtually pain free, long-lasting hair removal solution. In addition, it works well on most skin types and skin tones, and that includes tanned skin.

The Soprano ICE is equipped with advanced hair removal technology. Its super hair removal (SHR) system is designed to make hair removal faster and painless. SHR delivers a low intensity, short pulsed light to the base of the hair root. The low heat level makes the machine very patient friendly, as there is minimal discomfort.

The laser penetrates down to the dermal layer of the skin, to the root of the hair. At the base of the root lies the melanin pigment that gives hair its color. The laser light targets the hair pigment, which absorbs the laser energy. This in turn destroys the hair follicles, preventing regrowth. The laser is able to destroy the darker follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue.

During treatment the laser is passed over the skin several times, and most patients report feeling only very slight heat. The laser offers complete coverage, so there are few if any missed spots. In addition, no anesthetics are required, and there is no downtime.

It takes several treatments with Soprano ICE to achieve permanent hair reduction. This is because hair grows in cycles, and only hair in the active cycle has the necessary amount of melanin pigment to attract the energy from the laser. It generally takes about 6 treatments to achieve long lasting hair removal.

The Soprano ICE produces very impressive results, with many patients expressing satisfaction with the overall reduction in hair growth. As laser hair removal machine options go, the Soprano ICE is among the safest and most reliable. It can be used on any part of the body including the delicate bikini area, as well as the arms, legs, and back.

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