Scarring Post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Is This Fixable?

///Scarring Post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Is This Fixable?

Scarring Post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Is This Fixable?

Most Asian upper eyelids don’t have a little fold in them, and some Asians choose to undergo eyelid surgery to create one. They often do the procedure to enhance their face, and make their eyes look bigger. Asian eyelid surgery generally produces natural looking results that patients are happy with, but sometimes there are cases of scarring post Asian eyelid surgery. Is this fixable?

Asian eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid surgery often referred to as double eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure that is done to improve the upper eyelid. It creates a natural fold in the upper eyelid, which is a feature that is often missing for most Asians. The procedure can be done in an office setting under ‘twilight’ anesthesia.

Scarring after surgery – is it fixable

There is generally some bruising and swelling after Asian eyelid surgery, and there will be some incision scars as well. Raised, visible scars can occur over the eyes,but these usually flatten as the skin heals. These scars are often the result of excising the skin during surgery.

Scars usually take some time to heal, but if they don’t heal as they should, it is possible to fix them. However, the choice of treatment will depend on the type of scar. Laser skin resurfacing, particularly fractional resurfacing, can be used to reduce minor scars. Injectable fillers can also be used to make the scar less noticeable. Very visible scars may require revision surgery.

It’s important to discuss scarring after Asian eyelid surgery with your plastic surgeon, in order to determine the most suitable remedy.

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