Scar Reduction Techniques in Memphis That Improve Your Skin

If you have a scar that’s making you self-conscious, then you need to know that scar reduction is possible. Getting rid of a scar can be tricky, but scar reduction techniques available in Memphis can be very effective in fading scars, especially when they are in visible areas such as the face, hands, legs, or arms.

What causes scars?

There are different types of scars, and there are also a variety of causes. Scars occur when tissue forms as a result of the healing process that takes place after there has been tissue damage.

Scars can be improved

Maybe you’ve had a nasty scar since childhood that you’ve always wanted to fade, or you have scars left by acne or surgery. Whatever the cause, scars don’t have to be there forever. While scars will not go away completely, there are techniques that can be used to fade them significantly.

Scar Treatments

Some of the most common scar reduction procedures in Memphis include:

Microdermabrasion: This is a cosmetic procedure that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions by removing the topmost layer of the skin. By exfoliating the skin’s outer layer, it is possible to improve the appearance of the scar. However because microdermabrasion only removes a superficial layer of skin, it is more effective on scars that are on the upper layers.

Microdermabrasion involves the use of tiny crystals that are used to slough away the dead skin cells, and they are then removed using a vacuum suction. The procedure is virtually painless, and will result in scars becoming less visible.

Advanced Fluorescent Technology: AFT involves the use of short wavelengths of light. The light emitted is absorbed by the pigmented areas of the skin, and it is then converted into heat. This causes the pigments of color to break down, so that the scar coloring is less intense. AFT also stimulates collagen and elastin, and this helps to fill out areas of depression on the surface of the skin.

The scar reduction option that your physician recommends will depend on the type of scar, whether flat or raised, as well as how long it has been in place. Some techniques like laser resurfacing work better on older scars, and require multiple treatments.

It is possible to get rid of scars that are aesthetically undesirable, with the use of scar

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