San Francisco laser tattoo removal – The easier way to remove your tattoo

San Francisco ranks in the top 10 most tattooed cities in the United States. There are a lot of people addicted to ink who live in the city, but sometimes even the most diehard tattoo fan may have a tattoo that they regret inking. When that time comes, removing a tattoo can be a long and painful task. But the good news is Serenity Med Spa is also a surgical centers that uses the latest San Francisco laser tattoo removal techniques.

Perhaps a tattoo no longer fits in with your lifestyle, or it may have stretched or become discolored over the years, whatever the reason, you can remove it easily with laser treatment. Laser technology removes tattoos in a shorter timespan, with minimal side effects, and much less pain. In addition, the procedure is safe, and doesn’t leave any scars.

Lasers apply short bursts of energy onto the skin. This focused light heats the pigment of the skin, and breaks down the color. The colored pigments eventually shatter into tiny particles that can be processed and passed out by the body.

Q-switched lasers

Q-switched lasers are among the most effective devices used in San Francisco laser tattoo removal. The Q-switched Nd: Yag and the Q-switched alexandrite lasers are known to yield very good results. Unlike some lasers that fade tattoos only on light skin, the Nd: yag is successful on dark as well as light skin tones. Also, some tattoo pigments such as yellow and white are harder to remove, but the Q-switched lasers are able to remove all tattoo colors.

In the last few years, there has been significant growth in the demand for laser removal in the US. As a result, medical professionals in cities like San Francisco (which has a high percentage of tattoo getters), are investing in cutting edge laser tattoo technology, in order to satisfy client demand.