San Francisco cellulite removal – For Smoother, Healthier skin

///San Francisco cellulite removal – For Smoother, Healthier skin

San Francisco cellulite removal – For Smoother, Healthier skin

before and after cellulite removal san franciscoIf you have tried everything to get rid of cellulite with little success, then there is no need to be frustrated any longer. San Francisco cellulite removal treatments like Cellulaze and Velashape can help you get rid of cellulite fast.

The truth about cellulite

Cellulite is believed to be the result of the aging and hormones, as these factors can affect the structure of the connective tissue beneath the skin. Structural changes cause the fat cells in the skin to become enlarged, and as a result, they push upwards, pressing against the skin. This action creates a ‘cottage cheese’ effect that makes the skin look lumpy.

So the truth is cellulite is often caused by more than fat. It is the result of changes in the structure of the skin. That’s the reason why people that are not obese often have cellulite. Consequently, superficial procedures that only treat areas above the skin, will not significantly improve cellulite. Instead, cellulite must be treated below the surface of the skin. That’s where Cellulaze comes in.


Using cutting-edge technology, Cellulaze is able to remove cellulite quickly and effectively, by targeting tissue beneath the skin. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic or numbing solution, and involves the use of a laser fiber. The laser fiber is inserted into the skin using a cannula or small tube. The heat emitted by the laser is able to quickly dissolve the fat. At the same time, it also breaks up the connective tissue bands of skin that make the skin look lumpy and bumpy. Cellulaze is a San Francisco cellulite removal procedure that will leave skin looking smoother, and more toned.


Velashape is another effective San Francisco cellulite removal option that can be used to reduce cellulite, and smooth out problem areas.  Velashape uses radio frequency (RF) and vacuum technology to target cellulite at the core. As the light energy comes in contact with the cellulite it shrinks the fat cells, resulting in a smoother appearance.

San Francisco cellulite removal procedures are the remedy for unsightly cellulite. They are safe and effective, and there is virtually no pain or downtime.


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