Remove Facial Veins and Restore Youthful Skin

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Remove Facial Veins and Restore Youthful Skin

Very often facial veins detract from an otherwise attractive appearance. They generally show up on the forehead and nose, as well as around the eyes and cheeks. New technology has made it possible for those who desire to remove facial veins, to do so painlessly, and conveniently. Technology such as the VeinGogh Thermolysis system, are among the most advanced systems for the removal of facial veins.

While the doctors at Serenity MedSpa are not quite sure what causes facial veins, there are certain factors that seem to make people more susceptible to the condition. Sun exposure, aging, genetics, and hormonal fluctuations have been identified as contributing factors. These veins may appear as very tiny spider veins, or they are sometimes larger and bluish in color.

Spider veins are fine blood vessels that are broken, or have become dilated. Laser treatment is one of the most effective methods to quickly remove these facial veins, without any type of complication.

About VeinGogh Thermolysis System

With the VeinGogh Thermolysis System, facial veins disappear right before your eyes. The system easily eliminates the veins, so that there is no evidence that they were ever there.

The procedure is relatively painless, although patients report feeling a ticking sensation as the laser is inserted into the vessels. Results are noticeable immediately after treatment, because skin appears clearer. The effects will continue to be seen for several weeks after treatment, as the vessels that have been treated collapse.

How VeinGogh Works

VeinGogh is a very accurate system that utilizes radiofrequency technology. The device is fitted with a hair-thin insulated probe, which delivers high frequency heat to the vein. The vein absorbs the heat energy, and as it does so the vessels vaporize and collapse. The fragments are then passed from the body.

The precise nature of the Vein Gogh ensures that there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. As a result, there is minimal downtime, and this allows patients a quick return to normal activities.

Physicians have found that facial veins are very responsive to VeinGogh. The device can be used on all types of skin, and a typical treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete. However the duration will be influenced by the area being treated. There are times when small veins in a single area can be treated in 5 minutes or less.

Those with unsightly veins know that removing them can often be problematic. However, the VeinGogh Thermolysis system has made it possible to remove facial veins easily and effortlessly.

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