Do you have ear irregularities? – Reduce The Shape and Size of Your Ears with Ear Surgery

One of the most common cosmetic procedures amongst children is ear pinning surgery. Children all over the world are teased for the size and shape of their ears, and this is why some parents choose to have their child undergo surgery during their childhood years, rather than wait until they are adults. If you have prominent ears that are the source of embarrassment, then it is possible to reduce the shape and size of your ears with ear surgery.  Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure that is performed to modify the shape, position, or size of the ear. It is ideal for individuals that are uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears.

Why Choose Otoplasty

If your ears are very big in relation to the rest of your face, or if they stick out from the side of your face, then you can benefit from otoplasty. Kids that have prominent ears often suffer unrelenting teasing from peers because of this. Some of them find it so unbearable that they have problems fitting in, and corrective ear surgery is the best solution.  Otoplasty can pin back prominent ears, and position them closer to the head.

Otoplasty Facts

Otoplasty is regularly performed to correct protruding ears, but it is also done to fix ears that have been stretched or torn.  Many teens are subjected to teasing about their ears, and suffer emotional stress as a result. That’s the reason why octoplasty is so common among teens.  However, it is not uncommon for adults to also require ear surgery.

Ear surgery is an outpatient procedure that is usually done under ‘twilight’ anesthesia. Surgery lasts for about 2 hours. If the ears stick out too much then a small amount of cartilage is removed from the ear via an incision made behind the ear. The position of the ear is then adjusted, and stitches are used to keep it in position during healing.

If you have ear irregularities, or if you are unhappy with their size, then you can reduce the shape and size of your ears with ear surgery at Song Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kyle Song is a top ear surgery doctor and he can help you feel more confident about your ears. Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Song – (949) 701- 4454.

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