Orange County Gummy Bear Implants

When it comes to the types of breast implants available in Orange County  gummy bear implants are among the most innovative. These implants are characterized by their shape, as well as the unique material from which they are made.

What are gummy bear implants?
Gummy bear implants are breast implants that have a very cohesive silicone gel filling. They were given this nickname because the cohesive gel inside of them is firmer, enabling them to hold their shape, much like the gummy bear candy. The fact that they don’t leak if punctured or cut, also makes them a lot like the gummy bear candy.

Plastic surgeons in Orange County recognize that gummy bear implants give patients better options, and also have several advantages:

  •  The semi-solid silicone used in the gummy bear implants make them denser; hence they are a lot firmer than many of the other types of implants. This makes them safer, because they maintain their solid structure even when ruptured.


  •  The implants are teardrop shaped, which means they are fuller at the bottom and then gradually narrow at the top. As a result of this shape, they closely mimic the appearance of the natural breast. This is not the case with the traditional round implants.

Gummy bear implants must be carefully placed, so that they keep their correct orientation. Therefore if you are interested in breast augmentation using these implants, you should consult with a plastic surgeon that has the surgical experience with gummy bear implants.

In Orange County,gummy bear implants are being increasingly used in breast augmentation (click here for more info). They are form-stable, thick, leak-resistant, and have a tapered appearance. The fact that they are form-stable means that they will not lose their shape over time, and this makes them very appealing.

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