Little Rock Spider Vein Removal

Getting rid of spider veins has become big business, because spider veins are a real problem for women, as well as men. Spider vein removal has therefore become a priority for the professionals in the cosmetic industry. Little Rock spider vein removal methods use some of the latest laser technology to get rid of veins faster, and more successfully.

Spider veins are thin web-like blood vessels that are usually found on the face, and the back of the legs, and are usually red, purple, or blue in color. They are more common among women than men. There are a number of factors that can give rise to spider veins including obesity, inactivity, and hormonal changes. While there is often no discomfort associated with spider veins, there are instances in which they cause pain and burning.

Sclerotherapy is the conventional treatment for spider veins, and it has been used successfully for decades. It involves the injection of a solution into the veins, which causes them to collapse. Consequently, the blood has to reroute and travel through healthier veins.

Harmony Laser for spider vein removal

The improvement in the types of cosmetic lasers inevitably led to lasers being used developed for the removal of spider veins. Harmony laser is one of the most advanced.

Spider veins usually lie close to the surface of the skin, but some veins are also located at lower depths. The Harmony laser is particularly beneficial, because it has a range of wavelengths, and this enables it to target veins at varying depths.

The Harmony laser is able to target the troublesome veins, and when the laser energy heats the vein, it quickly collapses. This happens without any damage being done to the surrounding tissue. The Harmony laser can be used on different skin types, and the procedure is fast, and quite safe.

Little Rock spider vein removal uses up-to-date-technology to ensure that veins are removed with few risks, or side effects.


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