Is There a Chance Your Skin Can Shrink Back After a Weight Loss of 100lbs or More?

Everyone knows that losing a lot of weight is sure to have some effect on the skin, especially if it’s more than 100lbs. Excess skin is going to be a problem, particularly when you lose the weight rapidly. Loose skin can be unattractive and uncomfortable, but is there a chance your skin can shrink back weight loss of 100lbs or more? Let’s find out.

Will your skin shrink back after massive weight loss?
Loose, hanging skin is one of the unwelcome side-effects of significant weight loss. This is usually seen onthe arms, buttocks, breasts, abdomen, and thighs. Unfortunately, there’s simply no chance that your skin is going to shrink back after losing that much weight.

It is much harder for the skin to tighten, because it stretched so much to accommodate the additional weight. Having been stretched so far, the skin is unable to regain its elasticity and previous contours, without surgical intervention. That’s why body contouring surgery is recommended for individualsleft with  sagging skin.

Body contouring surgery after weight loss
Body contouring surgery is the most effective way to get your body back in shape, and tone the skin following major weight loss. If you have a healthy diet, and are in overall good physical and psychological health, you may be a good candidate for body contouring surgery. The procedures performed will depend on your specific areas of concern, but may include a face lift, arm lift, tummy tuck, and body lift.

Patients in Tupelo, Mississippi, can contact Dr. Mark Craig at Accent Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for more information on body contouring surgery. Call   (662) 377-6290today for an appointment.

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