Irvine Breast Implants

In 2012, breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the US. That is a clear indication that there are many women who are dissatisfied with their breasts, and are choosing to do something about it. The trend is the same in Irvine, where many women are opting to have breast implants. But how do women decide which implants to choose? This article looks at some of the factors that influence their decision.

Types of breast implants

Women often find that deciding on the right breast implants can be somewhat confusing. However a skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon can offer the guidance they need.  Implants should be chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for comfort and fit.

Plastic surgeons in Irvine generally use saltwater-filled breast implants or implants filled with silicone gel. The silicone implants are pre-filled, but the saline implants are filled with sterile salt water when they have been put in place.

Breast implants have two basic shapes, round and shaped implants. Shaped implants are also known as anatomical implants. These implants are often preferred, because they closely resemble the natural breast, and the silicone inside feels a lot like normal breast tissue. On the other hand, shaped implants have a textured shell, and this has the disadvantage of being able to create implant ripples that are easily visible.

Choosing Breast Implants

Comfort is definitely a primary consideration for women when choosing breast implants. However the desire for comfort should not override the issue of proper proportion, which means that breasts should not be unnaturally large, but should instead improve the contour of the body. Although breast augmentation is all about increasing breast size, the breasts should have an overall natural look.

If you are contemplating breast augmentation in Irvine, then be sure to contact a board certified surgeon in Irvine for information about the procedure. They will also be able to offer the requisite advice regarding which breast implants to choose.

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