How A Forehead Lift Works To Improve The Appearance Of Your Face

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How A Forehead Lift Works To Improve The Appearance Of Your Face

Vertical frown lines, sagging brows, or deep creases in the forehead are all signs of the effect of gravity on the brows, but these can be reversed with a forehead lift. So let’s take a look at how a forehead lift works, and how it can improve the appearance of the face.

What is a forehead lift

A forehead lift is also known as a browlift or browplasty. It is generally performed to improve the contours of the forehead. A browlift is a surgical procedure that is done to make the upper half of the face more youthful, by readjusting the soft tissue in the forehead. As time passes the loss of soft tissue ages the upper half of the face, but a forehead lift will redrape and tighten the forehead skin.

Why choose a forehead lift

If your eyebrows are droopy and in a low position, or if you have deep furrows between the eyebrows, then you may consider having a forehead lift. The procedure is also recommended for people with excess skin over the eyes.

How a forehead lift works

Patients have the choice of an endoscopic forehead lift, or a coronal forehead lift. The plastic surgeon will review the procedures and determine which is most suitable for you. The endoscopic browlift is performed with the assistance of a surgical video device known as an endoscope. The surgeon uses the device to help elevate the brow, and improve outcomes.

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