Live well and age well – Learn how to fight aging

///Live well and age well – Learn how to fight aging

Live well and age well – Learn how to fight aging

A large part of modern medicine is geared towards teaching men and women how to fight aging. Anti-aging cosmetic treatments have also become very important, and solutions like botox and dermal fillers are top ranked non-invasive cosmetic procedures. There seems to be an insatiable demand for anti-aging products and programs, especially among baby boomers, but this has also helped to change the focus of anti-aging efforts.

Baby boomers don’t merely want to look younger, but they want to have a better quality of life as they age. As a result, a lot more attention is now being given to maintaining optimal health, and avoiding the onset of age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

By focusing on the anatomy of aging, medical science has discovered how to delay the start of wrinkles and gray hairs. Even more important than that, has been the movement towardsimproving health from the inside out.

Is it really possible to delay the aging process? Medical scientists believe that by understanding the source of the aging process, it is possible to inhibit some of the signs and symptoms normally associated with aging.

Improving health from the inside: Age management medicine has gained momentum in the last decade, and focuses not only on delaying the signs of aging, but also on restoring hormonal balance, and preventing premature death. It essentially gives individuals the tools they need to understand how to fight aging. Nanotechnology and epigenetic are 2 important interventions in this regard.

Nanotechnology plays an important role in anti-aging efforts, as it facilitates better absorption of anti-aging treatments. Physicians have recognized that when treatments are augmented with nanotechnology then the outcomes are better, and more effective.

Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on anti-aging creams and serums, but these products are often not as effective as they could be. However, when these cosmetics are infused with nano-particles, they become more potent, and are able to penetrate deeper. This produces more spectacular results, as skin rejuvenation takes place almost immediately.

Epigenetics is another area now being investigated by medical researchers, as they seek to learn more about how to fight aging. Studying genetic therapies, will improve their understanding of the aging process, and subsequently assist in the development of more efficient anti-aging strategies.

There are medical facilities such as the Serenity Med Spa in San Francisco where some of these anti-aging breakthroughs are available. When these are included alongside a healthy diet, and regular exercise program, patients can expect to age well, and live a life full of vitality.

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