How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Athens?

//How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Athens?

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Athens?

If you have tried and failed to trim your abdomen and transform your midsection with diet and exercise, you may be ready for a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and reshape your abdomen. If you are thinking about having a tummy tuck, cost is certainly going to be a factor in your decision. But how much does a tummy tuck cost in Athens.

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to create a smooth, firm, abdominal profile. This involves removing excess skin and fat, and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost In Athens?

What goes into the price of a tummy tuck? The actual cost of a tummy tuck can vary quite a lot, because it depends on factors such as the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, facility fees, and the type of procedure.

The cost of a tummy tuck in Athens, GA ranges from $8,000-$11,000. This relates to a full tummy tuck that removes excess skin and fat in the upper and lower abdomen, and tightens the abdominal muscles.

The mini-tummy tuck, which is a variation of the tummy tuck, is also a popular procedure in Athens. A mini-tummy tuck is a less extensive procedure, as it focuses on the area below the belly button.

The cost of a mini-tummy tuck in Athens, GA ranges from $4,000-$7,000.

If you are considering tummy tuck surgery, be sure to consult with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation and final quote.

Would you like more information about tummy tuck surgery in Athens, GA?

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