How Miami Chin Augmentation Can Improve a Weak Chin

There is no denying the fact that a prominent chin is a very attractive feature that commands attention. That’s why some individuals in Miami that have a small chin, often view chin augmentation as the best way to improve the appearance of  their chin. But who really needs a chin augmentation, and why?

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is known medically as mentoplasty, and is a surgical cosmetic procedure that is done to remodel the chin. If the chin is very small, then chin augmentation will involve the use of implants, which are usually made of solid silicone. These implants are generally safe, but there are risks associated with chin augmentation, as there is with any other type of surgical procedure. If the chin is disproportionately large, then reduction surgery on the bone will be carried out. This is done in order to achieve a smoother contour.

Chin augmentation for a weak chin

Chin implants are used to enhance the appearance of the chin. In cases where an individual has what is known as a ‘weak chin’, mentoplasty is viewed as the best way to correct that problem. A weak chin is one that is smaller than the nose and appears sunken, making the facial features seem out of balance.

In some individuals with a weak chin, the chin almost seems as if it is a part of the neck, so a defined chin will really help to add definition to the facial features. Miami surgeons often recommend chin augmentation to strengthen a weak chin. Having a more prominent chin will definitely improve an individual’s profile, as well as create a more harmonious facial balance.

Chin Augmentation – the Procedure

Before the start of the procedure, your plastic surgeon will administer the necessary local anesthetics to numb the treatment area. The incisions for a chin augmentation can be made inside the mouth or under the chin. Your plastic surgeon will choose which location is best for you.  The implants are inserted via the incision, and placed over the bone in the lower jaw.

The surgery lasts for about one hour, and patients may experience some pain during and after the procedure. This generally subsides within 2 weeks of surgery. There will also be some persistent swelling and bruising within the first 7 days.

There are times when physicians in Miami may recommend that nose reshaping be done in conjunction with chin augmentation.