Restore younger cheeks with Cheek implants – Miami

//Restore younger cheeks with Cheek implants – Miami

Restore younger cheeks with Cheek implants – Miami

Full, plump cheeks are a desirable feature, because they make you look younger. So if your cheeks are flat and sunken, whether due to genetics, or the passing of time, then you may consider getting cheek implants to regain volume. In Miami  cheek augmentation is one of the most popular methods used by surgeons to restore mid-face volume.

Why Choose Cheek implants
The cheeks tend to droop as a natural part of the aging process. The excess, saggy skin then falls towards the jawline, blurring facial contours. This is  partly due to a reduction in the amount of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a key protein that the skin needs to remain elastic and firm, without it the skin deflates and becomes lax. Cheek implants are a great way to restore definition, and improve the appearance of saggy cheeks.

Cheek Augmentation
Cheek augmentation involves the use of silicone implants to permanently fill in hollow cheeks. These implants are available in varying sizes and shapes, and the surgeon will select the implant that best retains your facial balance.

During surgery, an incision is generally made in the mouth. The implants are then inserted and fixed onto the cheekbones. They are firmly held in place and will not droop. After surgery patients may experience some swelling and discomfort, but this gradually clears in the weeks to follow.

Best candidates for cheek implants
If your cheekbones are too flat, and appear out of proportion to the rest of your face, then you may be a good candidate for cheek implants. Surgeons in Miami sometimes recommended that patients also have a facelift along with cheek augmentation, in order to optimally reshape the face. Cheek implants lift the cheekbones,  and this makes the face look fuller and younger.

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