How to find relief for cervix pain

Cervical pain can seriously hinder a woman’s ability to enjoy intercourse. For some women the pain occurs because their vagina is too short, and as a result, they experience a lot of discomfort during deep thrusting. Finding relief for this condition may involve turning to advanced diagnostic options, such as those offered by Fowler GYN International.

Why some women have a short vagina
While some women are born with a vagina that is shorter than average, in most cases the condition is the result of declining estrogen levels. Estrogen is a key hormone that keeps the vagina pliable and healthy. A healthy vagina has thick, elastic walls, and is adequately lubricated with white mucus.

Menopause, aging, and stress, excessive exercise, borderline weight, and smoking are some of the factors that can lead to a reduction in estrogen. In some young women, use of birth control pills can lead to a relative deficiency of estrogen at the level of the vagina because all OCP’s contain synthetic estrogen that is not always recognized by the natural estrogen receptors in the vaginal mucosa.

When estrogen levels decline, it causes the mucous membrane in the vagina to shrink, and this makes it shorter and narrower than before. In addition, surgery on the vagina may cause the top to fuse together, and this will also reduce the length.

Women who suffer from cervix pain often have a sharp pain followed by dull aching in the central pelvis, because of the stretching of the utero-sacral ligaments that occurs during deep penetration. If women do not seek relief, then it can impact the relationship with their partner in the long term, as they will lose the desire to have intercourse or will have to “hold back’” to protect themselves against pain.

Treatment for cervix pain
Fowler Gyn International has developed a program geared towards assisting women with this and other vaginal issues. They adopt a customized approach to treat the condition, and use a protocol that consistently works well.  This type of expertise is very important, because in most cases the primary care physician or even gynecologists are unaware of this etiology i.e. do not know how to identify the source of the problem. That’s the reason many women often end up suffering with cervix pain (read more) for a long time, without finding any relief.

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