Cellulite a problem? Cellulite reduction is possible

///Cellulite a problem? Cellulite reduction is possible

Cellulite a problem? Cellulite reduction is possible

Cellulite is often the number one skin care concern for many women. Cellulite looks lumpy, bumpy, and downright unattractive. What’s even worse is the fact that it does not respond to diet and exercise. So does that mean that cellulite can’t go away? No it does not, because innovative cellulite reduction treatments using laser technology are now available.

Cellulite is the result of structural changes that occur within the fat cells beneath the skin. There are times when the connective tissue that lies between the fat cells becomes tight, trapping pockets of fat inside them. As a result, skin that was once smooth and toned suddenly becomes dimpled and uneven, in response to these changes. Cellulite is frequently seen on the thighs, as well as the abdomen, and buttocks.

Cellulaze is a laser assisted cellulite solution that uses thermal energy to blast away fat in the underlying layer of the skin. This is done with the use of a small cannula that is inserted in the targeted areas. Cellulaze leaves the skin smoother, as it evens out the fat, while stimulating collagen.  Collagen makes the skin tighter and more elastic. With Cellulaze, the desired effects are generally realized after one treatment.

Cavi-Lipo is another effective treatment used for cellulite reduction. The device is powered by radio frequency (RF) waves. The RF waves cause the fat cells to break down and release their content. This then passes to the lymphatic system for final elimination from the body. Cavi-Lipo is a non-invasive solution that is generally safe and comfortable. Patients may require 2-3 treatments for optimal results.

If you’ve tried everything to get rid of your cellulite, but nothing seems to work, then you may want to consider these cellulite reduction options. If you live in San Francisco,then you can contact Serenity Med Spa about Cellulaze and Cavi-Lipo treatment.

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