Can I Get A Facelift With Minimal Scarring?

Despite the growing number of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures now available, the facelift is still a popular option for addressing signs of aging. One of the questions facelift patients often ask their plastic surgeon is – Can I get a facelift with minimal scarring.

Benefits of a facelift

A facelift rejuvenates the overall appearance as it restores volume in the cheeks, corrects jowls, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and folds around the mouth, and improves neck contours.

Can I Get A Facelift With Minimal Scarring?

Yes, you can get a facelift with minimal scarring. However, it’s important to choose a skilled plastic surgeon that knows how to place the incisions in specific areas that will make the scars less visible. Surgeons therefore have to have a surgical plan for placing the incisions; otherwise the scars will be very noticeable.

Facelift scars should blend in with the natural contours of the hairline and ear. When incisions for facelift surgery are placed along the natural anatomical lines, it makes it very difficult to see the resulting scars. When this is done, patients with short hairstyles don’t have to be concerned about what their scars will look like.

Avoiding excessive tension on the skin can also help to minimize facelift scarring. When the skin is pulled too tight it can result in excessive scar formation.

There are also treatments that can be done post-surgery to minimize the appearance of facelift scars. This includes massaging the scar, or applying silicone sheets.

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