Breast Reconstruction Surgery with Fat Grafting – Safe and Natural

Fat grafting is increasingly being performed as an alternative to implant surgery in augmentation procedures on the face, and body. It involves the use of fat to enhance areas such as the face, butt, and of course the breasts.Specifically, breast reconstructive surgery with fat grafting is an increasingly popular procedure.

What is fat grafting?
Fat grafting is the process of harvesting fat from one area of the body, refining it, and then placing it into the part of the body targeted for enhancement. The fat is usually taken from areas with a high percentage of fat cells, such as the thighs or flanks.

Grafted fat is considered a safe alternative to synthetic implants and other fillers, becauseit uses the patient’s fat to restore the breasts.Breast augmentation with fat grafting gives women the pleasure of reducing their waistline, and increasing their bust line at the same time.

Fat grafting and breast reconstruction
For women that have had a partial or complete mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery with fat grafting is an effective alternative to breast implants. It is a creative technique that recreates the appearance and feel of the natural breast, and it leaves no scars.

Fat grating is a more naturaltechnique when compared with traditional implant breast reconstruction.During the operation, the fat is removed from the donor site by way of liposuction. This is done using a special liposuction technique, so as to keep the living fat cells intact.

After being suctioned out, the fat cells are processed and then injected into the breast using a cannula. The surgeon will incorporate the injected cells into the fat already in the breast, in order to enlarge them. Breast reconstruction surgery (read more) with fat grafting is a safe, natural way to reshape the breasts.

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