Boost Hormone Levels with Testosterone Therapy Corpus Christi

Many men find it hard to cope with declining testosterone levels, and are overwhelmed by symptoms such as fatigue, erectile dysfunction, muscle decline, and increased stomach fat. The remedy can be found in testosterone replacement therapy, which is available at several Corpus Christ medical and spa facilities. The drop in male hormones is often referred to as andropause, a condition that is known to reduce a man’s overall vitality.

Role of Testosterone: Testosterone is the leading male sex hormone, and is produced in the testicles. It plays a vital role in normal male growth and development, and is important for sexual health, as well as for maintaining energy levels and muscle mass. Optimal testosterone levels impact both mental and physical health. It contributes to a sharper mind and more confidence, along with strong bones, and a healthy heart. It also increases sex drive and improves erections.

Levels of testosterone decline naturally as men age. The occurrence may also be due to genetics, prescription medication, and lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of exercise, smoking, and obesity. Low hormone levels can lead to the onset of chronic disease and reduce life span.

Men who undergo testosterone therapy generally experience a marked improvement in symptoms. They enjoy increased vitality and productivity, improved memory and brain function, increased strength and muscle mass, and a decrease in body fat. One of the newer methods used to treat low testosterone levels is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT).

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

BHRT is a testosterone therapy that is often recommended by physicians in Corpus Christi to restore hormone levels. BHRT involves the use of natural hormones to combat andropause. Bio-identical hormones resemble those that the body naturally produces, and are not chemically derived; as a result, there are few related side-effects.

BHRT often involves the development of a personalized program that is wholly dependent on the hormone requirements of each male patient. The components of the program will depend on the deficiencies that exist. Patients are closely monitored during treatment, and this allows changes to be made to the program as required.

Testosterone therapy is very safe, but should be administered by qualified medical professionals with the necessary clinical experience.  Your doctor will perform a comprehensive medical examination before determining if BHRT is right for you.

Men who undergo testosterone therapy in Corpus Christi usually experience an increased sense of well-being. It is often seen as the key to male vitality and longevity.

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