Arm Lift is a Top Lift Procedure to help you achieve slimmer, sleeker arms

If you are bothered by droopy skin on the upper arm, then an arm lift can create contours to make your arm toned and firm. Arm lift surgery is a top lift procedure, as it is often done as a part of an upper body lift to sculpt the body after excessive weight loss. Aging also contributes to sagging arms, because over time skin become less elastic, and loses its firmness.

You know you need an arm lift if:

  •  You have a lot of loose, saggy skin when your arms are extended away from your body.
  •  You have pockets of localized fat in the upper arm.

Arm lift candidates should be healthy and not be overweight. In addition, they should have realistic goals about surgery.

Why choose arm lift surgery
Significant weight loss often causes the skin on the underside of the arms to hang.An arm lift will improve the shape of the upper arm, because it gets rid of excess skin, and also tightens the muscles in the arm.If there is a significant amount of fat to be removed, then the surgeon may recommend that liposuction be done in conjunction with the arm lift.

Arm lift surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. The incisions are typically made under the armpits and along the underside of the arms. Depending on the extent of the correction being made, theoperation can last from 1 to 5 hours.

To learn more about the arm lift procedure and see if you are a good candidate, then schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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